Saturday, November 22, 2008

I've always been a Harry Potter kind of girl

I never understood the whole Twilight craze. My sister read the book, and told me how awful it was: poor writing, shallow plot, and one dimensional characters. When I finally read it, I had to concur- but there is something about it that pulls you in. For Book Club (yes, I am President, and yes, I'm a dork), we decided to discuss it, and whether you love it or hate it, you definitely have something to say about it. 11 of us went to watch it last night with the crazy fans, and it was such a fun experience! I think the movie is better than the book, though the book is kind of fun in a I-love-to-hate-it kind of way.

One thing that really annoys me in the novel is how plain Bella is supposed to be, yet every guy is in love with her. Now I'm going to have to hate myself because I developed a girl-crush on her as well. The movie has plenty of close-up shots, and Kristen Stewart is gorgeous with her pale skin and red-brown hair. And because I am a total image slut, her wardrobe charmed me. Bella's outfits were kind of grungy, but then she would wear sweet headbands and pretty turquoise bracelets with them.

There is no need to comment on how beautiful Robert Pattinson is, that's just a given.

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