Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fashion Model: Carrie Bradshaw

Like I said, I've been feeling uninspired lately when it comes to fashion. And who do I turn to when I'm feeling blah about clothes? Carrie Bradshaw, of course! Now that school is over, I've pretty much been spending my time watching Sex and the City on my laptop.

I love the color coordination and single bobby pin.

When Carrie followed Petrovsky to Paris, she wore this gorgeous, huge gown that was so fairy-tale fantasy.

I remember this outfit! This was the first episode of Sex and the City I watched, appropriately at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan. It was a pretty risque episode, I freaked when Samantha caught Richard giving oral to another woman. And I still remember these girly Louboutins Carrie wore that Miranda's water broke on.

Did anyone else find Miranda, Carrie, Charlotte, and Samantha 2.0 from the movie as cute as I did?

One of my top three Carrie outfits.

I adored these shoes.

Possibly my number one favorite Carrie outfit.

Sigh, the cape.

Heels with sweats.

How Jackie O. I love wearing my trench coat as a top.

Everyone was exclaiming over how scandalous Charlotte's dress was in this episode, but I though Carrie's was more revealing. Still ethereal, though.

Ah, the infamous Carrie necklace.

Again, heels with sweats.

I am obsessed with her wrap-around cardigan here.

Words cannot express my love for this outfit. Also a strong contender for absolute favorite.

Flow-y, blue, gorgeous.

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