Sunday, April 27, 2008

The two things occupying my thoughts right now: school and summer

Only three more days of classes and ten more days left of school. In that time, I have to get through my Chemistry labs, Chemistry problems, Physics labs, Physics exam, and finals in Chem, Bio, Physics, and Spanish. Yeesh. Plus, it doesn't help that I am so distracted lately.

I got an internship at the Science Center! I am so excited to be working there over the summer, I remember when I was younger and we would take field trips to the planetarium and exhibits and IMAX movie theater and I would be so happy. I'm just looking forward to being back home in general, with my parents and siblings and house and friends and family and library and parties and vacations and movies and the mall and community. I'm kind of sick of the girls here and the cattiness that goes on sometimes. A four month break away from them sounds really good right now.

The countdown begins! Or continues...

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